New Shed Cover for Wood Kiln

The kiln shed for my wood-fired kiln has been, essentially, a tent:


It has lovely light inside, filtering through the tarps, but after 8 years out in the wind, the tarps are shredded, tattered and frayed.

This summer, Glen found some translucent corrugated fiberglass which will let in the same lovely light, and he is going to re-cover the shed:  metal on the north and near the chimney, translucent fiberglass elsewhere.  Tuesday they started.  Glen took the tarp off the north end:IMG_0371

Then Mark came, and they went to work.  By noon, the north, south and west walls were mostly covered, and they were working on the east wall:IMG_0372

On Monday, when the weather is good and the wind isn’t strong, they will be able to tackle the roof.